Peacekeepers Cover.jpg

Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Gay Romance

Standalone Novel (18+)

Arno, a gifted daemon hunter from Italy, moves to San Francisco to escape his arduous past. Looking for new beginnings, he plunges himself into his work at the Peacekeeper HQ, fighting against pesky Shades, malicious Tricksters, and his own tempting Tenure. But a larger threat lingers within The Golden City, one that jeopardizes the organization, his friends, and humanity as a whole. He’ll have to turn to the unlikeliest of allies to help them, starting with the curious daemon in his apartment.

Filled with dark humor, sexy intrigue, and a paranormal gay romance, Peacekeepers will have you reading long into the night.

Content warnings: story includes mentions of mental and physical abuse, homophobia; deals with addiction in detail; includes explicit scenes (M/M) and language


New Adult Fantasy Series (BOOK ONE)

The first installment of a new adult fantasy series is already in the works and will be coming in late 2021!


coming soon...